Passion Armée « S/t »

LP Sold out

LNA030 – 12″
Coproduction with many nice people !!!
Pressing : 500 LP / 200 CD (2010)
Dark and melodic Punk with keyboards. Highly political lyrics. The record is in support of the Lyon’s Solidarity Fund which helps people suffering from repression. A highly recommended anarchopunk version of Joy Division. Great!

MRR #327 – « It’s the sunniest day of the year so far in San Francisco, and I’m sitting in the plush Maximum Rocknroll offices listening to icy French cold wave… It’s not a winning combination, but to PASSION ARMÉE’s credit, they’re helping me forget that it’s actually a nice sunny summer’s day and reminding me that life is in fact a relentless existential struggle and in the end we all die alone. The French seem have a knack for this style, from the original cold wave sounds of the ’70s through to recent bands like FRUSTRATION. The six songs here fit nicely in that tradition. Repetitive minor-chord bass lines, cut-glass guitar and occasional keyboard stabs set the scene for detached vocals that remind me a lot of the singer from THE EX. I understand that the band has broken up since recording this disc — that’s a shame. Great stuff. »