Doña Maldad / Generacion Perdida

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LNA 008 – Split 7″
Coproduction avec Noseke rds / DM records / Fight for your mind / Filth-Ear / Cryptas rds / Azko Social
1st pressing : 500 copies (2003)
2nd pressing on red vynil : ??? (2005)
Rageous pace, angry vocals and politics are the main features of this split between two latin-american bands. Dona Maldad come from Venezuela, hate both populist Chavez or its opposition and love crustpunk. Generacion Perdida are against all oppressions, want anticapitalist war and love anarchopunk.

Profane Existence #46 – Fall Winter 2004 – « GP, from Lima, Peru, crank out 3 cool anarchopunk songs on this split. They sound similar to Sin Dios at times, a little slower, maybe straight forward raw hc punk, although they do tend to lean towards the catchy style of early Defiance as well. A very interesting band with a heavy anarchist slant On the flip is DxM, a DIY anarchopunkband from Venezuela. DxM play a similar style, maybe a little more lo-fi and with more trashy parts They do slow things down on the last song, which is catchy while still retaining the DIY HC intensity the band exudes on the first two songs. This EP is great South American release, on no less than 9 different labels from Europe, Central and South America. Up the DIY anarchopunx »