Urban Blight « 1998 / 2001 »

LNA 003 – CD
Coproduction with React
Pressing : 1000 (2002)
Partial discography of this anarchopunk band including most of the songs released on tape between 1998 and 2001. Urban Blight plays a powerful and tense minimalist crustpunk. I really like the clever texts dealing with anarchy, wars, governement, poverty, third world.

Profane Existence #45 – « If ingenuity counts for anything then Urban Blight is ahead of many. The band actually consists of only one member, a beat box and a couple of audio techs. The lack of members (and therefore contrasting influence) is noticeable in the lack of variation of musical style from song to song. The beatbox is also pretty tining sounding in some songs and takes away from the overall impact of each song. At the same time this also leads to a more synthesided of electronic sound. If you’re looking for something crusty, but with a new twist to it, then Urban Blight is worth looking it ».