Terror y Miseria « Somos lo ke … »


LNA015 – CD
Coproduction with Perce-Oreille / Difusion Anarcopunx / DIY Atack / Controversy / Deskontento / Psychopatia Criminalis / Expressao contracultural
Pressing : 1000 copies (2005)
Terror y Miseria is an old @punk band from Buenos-Aires. The cd includes 12 new songs and 10 songs which were originally released in 1998 on their cd « El arte de la revuelta ». All sound in the pure South-American style, angry, dirty and punk. The 7″ booklet includes lyrics, columns about the situation in Argentina and translations in French and English. Lyrics are explicit … Terror y Miseria are against capitalist state, police and education. They want the prisons down and the punk movement up. It could sound a bit basic but for Terror y Miseria, anarchopunk resistance means more than words. It means also a daily fight against private property, against social control, against borders, against racism and neo-colonialism.

Profane Existence #52/53 – Spring Summer 2007 – « This CD is a new offering from Terror y Miseria and also features their album El Arte de la Resistancia from 1998. Terror y Miseria specialize in very anthemic punk rock with shouted vocals and super-political lyrics addressing everything from police brutality to antistate resistance, especially in the songs Anarkopunk resistance and The Worst Tyran. There are several spoken pieces and soundbites on this CD, which I think can be a good companion to the music if used sparingly. At times, the spoken pieces disrupted the momentum of Terror y Miseria’s music. This is a little unfortunate, as it’s obvious that this band is passionate about their music and beliefs. This notwithstanding, while this CD isn’t the newest crust punk sound to be name-dropped on various punk message boards and the like, there is a lot of convictin going on here and Terror y Miseria deliver it well. Bonus points for including the lyrics in Spanish, French and English. »