Silence « Mad Civilisation »

LNA 011 – 10″
Pressing : 500 copies (2004)
Their long awaited 10″ is finally out. This is certainly their best release in date. Music still sounds dark and powerful emocrust. Lyrics are in the same vein, dealing with suffering, isolation, head against the wall, false promises .. This is the music for a mad civilization.

Profane Existence #50/51 – Winter Spring 2006 – « What we have here is 8 offerings of down tunes, heavy, dark, gloomy HC crust from Poland put out on French label. Let’s hear it for international HC! Musically there is some powerful mojo going on here with the occasional piano and violin kicking in for good measure, and the vocals-they are completely amazing and primal while retaining a bleak urgency. The songs are all really strong, well though out and well written bringing to mind bands like Garmonbozia and His hero is gone. »