Migra Violenta « Superficial »

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LNA 006 – 10″ 
Coproduction with Alerta Antifascista
Pressing : 500 copies (2003)
CD version Coproduced with La Resistancia / Gritas / Disobedencia rds / Spaghetti rds / Ceppa / Chivolo discos Noseke rds / Agitacion rds
1st pressing : ??? copies (2003)
2nd pressing : ??? copies (2004)
Two titles appears on a split 7″ with Kontraattaque and a title was on a split 7″ with Disarm. All the other songs are totally new. If you liked the « hccrust » lp (see MRR review below), I guess you will love this record. Songs are still raging and furious. In my mind, it’s even better than the lp. Indeed, songs are not so linear and are given rythmed by destructive breaks.