Marcel Duchamp « Contra Nosotros Mismos … »


LNA028 – 12″
Coproduction with Perce-Oreille
Pressing : 500 (2009)
Marcel Duchamp is certainly one of the most interesting south-american band. Musically speaking, they have been able to make an unique sound, fast, aggressive, orginal. It is a mix between fast hardcore a la Los Crudos and modern hardcore slightly destructured. Humanly speaking the band is strongly involved in the chilean collective Masapunk which has been making punk more than music for several years. An essential record to me …
Comes with a coloured vinyl.

MRR #356. Brupt, trashy, political hardcore from this defunct (?) Chilean band. Think Los Crudos meets Coche Bomba. Lyrics are very politically progressive, which makes sense since these guys are part of a collective in South Amereica. I’m definitely more into the mid-paced songs where they settle into a nice groove, but some of the more upbeat numbers are excellent too. My only complaint is that this LP is way too long. There’re 28 songs and I got tired of it halfway through. I don’t want to understand the importance of this band however, since it seems like they were a central figure in Latino hardcore for a number of years. This record can be had for cheap so pick it up if it souds appealing to you.