El Libertario « V/A »

LNA025 – CD
Coproduction with Ravachol Prod / Fight for your mind / Etoile Renoi / Deviance / Kawai / D’ici à la Réalité
Pressing : 2000 (2008)
This a compilation in benefit for El Libertario, an anarchist publication based in Venezuela. For more than 10 years, and more than 50 issues, El Libertario offers a libertarian point of view on political, social, cultural life in South American. At the crossroads between anarchism, autonomy and punk counter-culture, El Libertario claims the independence of social movements in Venezuela and Latin America, away from all authority, including from the so-called lefty and revolutionnary authorities !! Two thousand euros have been given to El Libertario by the label which have co-produced this release.
The CD includes songs of Doña Maldad, Baut, Autonomia, Misery, Remains of the Day, Apatia No, KrapNek, Radio Bikini, Coche Bomba, Pack and many others for a total of 31 bands! A fantastic project as is the booklet of 58 pages which introduces all of that.